Beth Mead spectacular performance, with 2 well-deserved goals

Beth Mead spectacular performance, marked by two well-deserved goals, was not only a triumph for her but a heartfelt moment for fans and teammates alike. The Women’s Super League had eagerly awaited her return to the goal-scoring spotlight, and when it finally happened, Leah Williamson took to Twitter to express the emotions shared by many.

Beth Mead Arsenal WSL 2023-24

Mead Scored her initial goals a year after an ACL injury. In the eighteenth minute, she skillfully curled the ball to widen her team’s lead and secured a second goal from close range just four minutes before halftime, bringing the score to 3-0. Following the match, Williamson, Mead’s teammate at Arsenal and in the England national team, reached out to her on Twitter. The Arsenal captain conveyed that Mead’s performance would have brought joy to her late mother.

In January 2023, Mead experienced the heartbreaking loss of her mother to cancer. In a recent discussion, Mead opened up about her ongoing battle with depression following her mother’s passing and the additional challenge of being unable to play due to injury.


On Monday, Mead received her initial call-up for the England national team since coming back from injury. Although Mead played a significant role in the Lionesses’ victory in the Euros last year, she was absent during their journey to the final in the Women’s World Cup in Australia.

What next for Beth Mead Arsenal WSL 2023-24

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